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Participants were again allocated to groups, link from those of the first day to ensure that everyone interacted with as many others as possible. These judgments were ian king crypto recommendation using interactive polling software that allowed them to access the poll ian king crypto recommendation their smartphone and see the anonymised results in real-time.

Expert opinions concerning these four facets were particularly pertinent given the absence of such insights in the literature. After a brief discussion of the findings, we proceeded in a plenary setting and focused on the wider problems associated with cryptocurrencies identified on day one. All participants were again asked to use the polling software to rank the issues according to their relevance.

The problem analysis exercise closed with a ranking of the importance of the drivers and inhibitors identified during the introduction of the first day. The activities of the event closed with three further questions about the future; another area about which the literature provided limited insight, and for which the answers to these questions were, therefore, critical to guiding future academic research.

Participants completed the task individually using polling software. Footnote To facilitate comparison with the results of our scoping review, the proportion of participants in this exercise who identified each type ian king crypto recommendation fraud as a source cnbc live harm in the cryptocurrency space is also included in Fig. The expert consensus exercise participants did not differentiate between ICO scams and other HYIPs, but we have displayed their responses under the latter, more general category.

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On the four-hour time link, if we were to give a Hashflow price prediction, it would be bearish considering the way the 50 day and day moving averages are bullish. Relative Ian king crypto recommendation Index Currently http://cryptoblog.tech/thrills/crypto-funk-strain-leafly.html RSI crypto monster within the neutral ian king crypto recommendation, which indicates the price is trending neutral with the link being able to keep RSI in that state for a while.

There is currently no bearish or bullish divergence within the last 14 candles, which is no signal for price reversal from current areas. Moving Average On the 1 day time frame, Hashflow is currently trending bullish with the 50 day moving average currently sloping up and below the current Hashflow price, which could act as a support the next time it interacts with it.