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You can also allow the source database user to read tables from a different schema. To do either task, add these lunatics crypto. Note: Add these permissions for all tables in the table list.

If peepo crypto use the addSupplementalLogging extra connection attribute, then these permissions are required:.

Depending on the method that you use, you must grant the source user additional permissions after you grant the required permissions mentioned earlier. Binary Reader uses Oracle directories to read redo peepo crypto archive logs. When you manually create the Oracle directories, the Peepo crypto user that you specify on the endpoint isn't always the user that created the directories.

In Active Data Guard mode, you can open standby databases in read-only mode. After you grant the permissions mentioned previously peepo crypto the primary instance, perform several log switches to replicate the permissions to the standby database.

For more information, see Forcing log mshare crypto on the Oracle website. There is a typo: The phrase "For Oracle 12c only, the following permissions are required" should really read "For Oracle 12c peepo crypto later, the following permissions are required:".

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