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With liquidity becoming such a huge problem in the cryptocurrency space, QASH was birthed to solve a problem that was fast becoming a stumbling block for people looking to invest...

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With liquidity becoming such a huge problem in the cryptocurrency space, QASH was birthed to solve a problem that was fast becoming a stumbling block for people looking to invest in the cryptocurrency industry. Qash is the native digital currency of the LIQUID platform.

For people who have been investing in cryptocurrency for some time now, you must have experienced the problem of liquidity. The reality is, investing in anything outside the major coins will entail having more than one exchange account which is already difficult enough. And while this is already a huge challenge, making transfers and trading between fiat Bitcoin and Ethereum is also difficult.

This is because most people like to see cryptocurrency as an investment, but then the liquidity problem in this industry has so far stifled growth.

But with QUOINE LIQUID to the rescue, there is now a solution to the problem of liquidity that has prevented many people from investing in a budding industry. The goal of QUOINE LIQUID is to provide a means where people can easily buy cryptocurrency with and cash-out to fiat.

At the moment, each exchange has its own level of liquidity, and you know what, this differs between trading pairs available on such an exchange platform. While this creates individual silos and results in great liquidity on one exchange, it may also result to little or no liquidity on another. So what the LIQUID platform aims to achieve is to connect these silos into one big pool to provide crypto investors with the greatest liquidity available. And to achieve this, QUOINE LIQUID encompasses two main offerings:

World Book

The LIQUID platform World Book offers crypto investors something they haven’t experienced before, this is in other to make investing in cryptocurrency a stroll in the park. With the world book, LIQUID platform compiles orders and prices from different exchanges, hence, providing you with one order book for you to use. With this, any trader regardless of his/her location can now use the fiat currency of their choice when buying or selling cryptocurrencies. With World book to the rescue, the problem of separate liquidity silos on exchanges is solved, giving traders more power to trade the markets.

To live up to its promises; the world book leverages three primary functions, and they include:

The Matching Engine is an industry leader with the capacity to facilitate millions of transactions per second. Amazingly, this system is designed to support major coin parings as well as an inbuilt system that allows for easy scaling and adding of new pairs as they emerge.

The CCCE on the other hand powers automated and almost instantaneous conversions between currencies. With this system, it is now easy for traders looking for ETH/EUR pair to trade with another person in search of BTC/SGD.

With the SOR technology, monitoring all major exchanges and externally completing orders is now a stroll in the park.

QASH Token

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage allows traders around the world to get access to all the exchanges in the world book without necessarily having an account on each exchange.

QASH token

Without a doubt, QASH is an ERC20 token that can be effectively used to make payments for services on the QUOINE LIQUID platform. More so, QASH holders can also enjoy discounts, promotional products, and ICO investment opportunities with coins that QUOINE helps to launch. Again the team behind this token have reiterated that organizations can also use QASH token for their own purposes.

Team & progress

Founded in 2014 by two of the brightest minds in the crypto space, QUOINE is the brainchild of Mike Kayamori (CEO) and Mario Gomez Lozada (President and CTO). Before starting QUOINE, Kayamori had previously served as a Senior Vice President at SoftBank Group while his partner Lozada was the CTO of Merrill Lynch in Japan for 11 years.

It is important to note that QUOINE is the first cryptocurrency company in the world to get a seal of approval from the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA). And since inception, the QUOINEX and QRYPTOS trading platforms, both subsidiaries of the QUOINE group handle well over $12 billion in transactions each year.

As a credit facilitator operating in different financial sectors, QUOINE has a number of competitors, the biggest being SALT.


Since it was launched and began trading in November 2017, QASH has had a volatile start. Having completed its ICO, the price of QASH rose to as high as $1.48 before falling to about $0.60 in December last year. At the moment, QASH is trading at $0.2151.

Where can you buy QASH from?

While you can directly buy the QASH token from QUOINEX, this token is currently trading with a much higher volume on Houbi. However, before you can trade QASH on Houbi, you’ll first need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and transfer it to the exchange. For traders who want to trade on QUOINEX, you can use JPY OR USD to buy QASH.

Where can you store QASH?

Because QASH is an ERC20 token, you can pretty much store it in any wallet with ERC20 token support. For those looking for some suggestions, using my MyEtherWallet wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But if you want more security, going with a hardware wallet will be the smartest decision.

Qash Blockchain



In a Nutshell

QUOINE is prepping up to solve the problem of liquidity in crypto industry. And with their blueprint and of course whitepaper, you’ll agree that the company deserves some accolades. By combining the order books of exchanges into one large pool, the QUOINE LIQUID platform is designed to ensure that crypto traders find it easy converting fiat to any cryptocurrency of their choice.

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Published 8 months ago


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