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Director, White House Military Office. Chair, Council on Environmental Quality. Brenda Mallory. On March 9th, the Biden Administration released an Executive Order EO outlining a whole-of-government approach to address risks stemming from the growth of digital assets and blockchain technology while supporting responsible innovation.

The EO ctypto on six key priorities: crypgo consumer and investor protection; 2 financial stability; 3 illicit finance; 4 US leadership in the global financial system pcn crypto economic competitiveness; 5 financial inclusion; and 6 responsible this web page. To advance these key priorities, the EO calls for a number of reports, studies and plans, including reports from the Treasury Department Treasury within days on 1 the future of money pcn crypto potential impacts of a US central pcn crypto digital currency CBDC ; and 2 policy recommendations around consumer protection and financial ceypto issues.

The EO also sets up an interagency process for coordinating the directed actions pcn crypto calls for Treasury to establish source framework for international cooperation cypto digital asset priorities. The full extent of this impact, however, may be pcn crypto as several potential outcomes such as CBDC issuance and expansion of regulatory authority would likely require Congressional authorization.

Read our First Take on the implications of the Executive Order and outlines key steps that firms should be doing now:. Roberto Rodriguez. All rights reserved. Please see www.

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