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Affinity Scams в Scammer targets members of an identifiable group e. Bait and Switch Scams в A scam to mislead buyers, whereby a seller advertises an appealing but ingenuine offer to sell a financial product or service that crypto wallet seller does not actually intend to sell.

Instead, the seller read article a sub-par, defective, or unwanted product or service. For crypto, this might be most relevant to non-fungible tokens. Crypto Blackmail Scam в Scammer sends emails or physical mails to victims saying they have personal information about the victim or crypto wallet or compromising photos or videos. They scammer then threatens to make these things personal information public wallte the victim pays them in cryptocurrency.

Fraudulent Trading Platform в Walet develops a fraudulent website or application and convinces victims to deposit funds crypto wallet the platform under the guise of providing victims crypto wallet to a unique investment opportunity. The fraudulent platforms appear legitimate, even going as far as replicating price movements and producing artificial gains.

Hacking в Rcypto a eallet system crypto wallet private network crypto wallet a computer with the intent of stealing personal information, such as passwords crypto pronounce bank account information, for financial gain.

High Yield Investment Programs Crypto wallet в Ponzi schemes that promise passive income and high returns in short periods of time through an investment of crypto assets. These schemes often offer payment structures similar to that of multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes to recruit new investors, promising early investors a percentage of the profits crypto wallet other investors they recruit.

These schemes cyrpto usually heavily promoted through social media and may use paid social media promoters to market their product.

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The scammers may link request personal identification information, claiming walllet for transferring or depositing funds thus gaining access to a person's cryptocurrency.

A Ponzi scheme is a type crypto wallet investment scam in which returns are paid to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors, rather than from profit earned. This type crypto wallet scam relies on the continual recruitment of new investors to generate click at this page for older investors, and it eventually collapses when the supply of new investors dries up.

Fake celebrity endorsements: scammers take real photos crypto wallet impose them on fake accounts, ads or articles to make it appear as though crypto wallet celebrity is promoting a large financial gain from the investment. The sources for walldt claims appear to be legitimate, using reputable company names such as ABC or CBS with a walet website and logos.