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What is Hush Coin? Hush Coin was launched on November 21, 2016, as a secure messaging platform and a hard fork of Zcash, another digital asset making a lot of...

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What is Hush Coin?

Hush Coin was launched on November 21, 2016, as a secure messaging platform and a hard fork of Zcash, another digital asset making a lot of waves. While many like to call Hush Coin a clone of Zcash, this digital currency is unique in its own way. As a unique blockchain powered project, Hush does not only aim to act as a store of value but also serve as a medium of exchange for using secure messaging platforms. It is important to know that the messaging function of Hush Coin is the mechanism that makes sending and receiving transactions possible.

Why is Hush Coin Important?

With Metadata proving to be a valuable digital footprint in the 21st century especially among businesses looking to know buyers selling habits, Hush Coin is uniquely designed to provide protection by anonymizing metadata hence keeping you secured all the time. If privacy is what you’re looking for in a blockchain project, then Hush Coin has pushed this up a notch with their project.


What are the unique features of Hush

·        One of the unique features of the Hush Coin is its compatibility with Zcash forks. This includes Zcash itself, Zclassic, ZenCoin, Komodo, Zerocoin and of course, future forks. While there may be minor tweaks here and there to suit different forks, Hush Coin is unique in the sense that it seamlessly allows this interoperability.

·        One stand out feature many crypto enthusiasts have come to love about the Hush Coin is the fact that it boasts of new security and full stack technology including TLS (transport layer security) as well as TOR nodes and bitcore. Although this was cloned from Zcash, Hush has modified it in a way that it now provides an extra layer of security that keeps users identities completely secured. What this means is that with Hush coin, your privacy is a top priority.

·        Did we forget to mention that Hush Coin boast of a counterparty Port which allows for private and public issuance of the digital asset? Oh yes, with Hush, Ethereum developers can now author smart contract without sweating it.

Do you want to know why Hush is getting lots of massive support from the cryptocurrency community? It’s simple; it is because the company is transparent to the community about its activities. As a matter of fact, Hush did a very low pre-mine of .578% of its total supply and made this information known before its launch.

Why Hush Coin stands out from Zcash

While Zcash method of destroying private keys gives would be attackers the opportunity to duplicate digital assets on the network, Hush coin is different in the sense that even though it uses the same sprout proving key procedure and process like Zcash, Hush went extra mile to ensure that it included additional security measures to keep users safe always. In a worst case scenario, an attacker can only counterfeit Zcash digital tokens without having access to users’ private information, cool right? We thought so too.

Where can you buy HUSH?

At the moment, there are only two exchanges where you can securely buy the Hush Coin from. Maybe in the coming months or so, we would see other exchanges list this digital asset, hence, allowing others community members to invest in the Hush project. One of the exchanges where you can easily buy Hush from is Cryptopia, a centralized crypto exchange based in New Zealand. The other Exchange is BarterDEX, a decentralized exchange based on Komodo (KMD).

Where can you store HUSH?

With the company striving hard every day to ensure its users get the best out of its project. Hush is constantly improving on its wallet services. At the moment, Hush Coin lovers can easily store their Hush Coin on Hush wallets that runs easily on Windows, Mac, Linux. Lately, the company also launched a web wallet service to make storing Hush Coin a stroll in the park


How do you mine HUSH?

One of the unique features of Hush is that it is easy to mine. And because the company wants to offer a ground-level opportunity for miners, the company puts together a comprehensive starter guide on their forum on how to mine its digital assets. And since the company leverages the Zcash codebase, it means miners can use Equihash for its Proof-of-Work (POW) during mining.


·        Takes privacy up a notch

·        Compatible with lots of hard forks

·        Makes public or private issuance seamlessly easy

·        Allows developers to author smart contracts easily

·        Can be easily mined


·        It is a clone of Zcash

In a nutshell

Although many would still like to refer to Hush as a Zcash clone, this digital asset is very much more than a clone, and that’s all thanks to the company’s consistent community focus. More interestingly, the company’s ability to synchronize with decentralized exchanges together with asset issuance opens a whole new opportunity to build additional functionality and utility for users.

Without mincing words, Hush Coin has lived up to its hype, and that’s because it implores users to demand improved privacy level within the growing technology space.

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Published 7 months ago


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