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Lattice-based constructions are currently important candidates for have helix crypto please cryptography. Unlike more widely used and known public-key schemes such as the RSADiffie-Hellman or elliptic-curve cryptosystems в which could, theoretically, be defeated using Shor's algorithm on a quantum computer в some lattice-based constructions appear to be resistant to attack by both classical and quantum computers.

Furthermore, many lattice-based constructions lokk considered to be secure under the assumption that certain well-studied computational lattice problems cannot be solved efficiently.

Silverman introduced a lattice-based public-key encryption scheme, known as NTRU. The first lattice-based public-key encryption scheme dfposit security was proven under worst-case hardness assumptions was introduced by Oded Regev in[4] crypto loko casino $100 no deposit bonus with the learning with errors crypto loko casino $100 no deposit bonus LWE.

Since then, much follow-up work has focused on improving Regev's security proof [5] [6] and improving the efficiency of the original scheme. For example, inCraig Gentry introduced the first fully homomorphic encryption scheme, which was based on a lattice problem.

Crucially, the basis for a lattice is not unique.

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