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• Ripple (Ticker symbol: XRP)
Founded and managed by the Ripple Labs technology company, the Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the most recognized virtual currencies. During the 2017 cryptocurrencies price surge, it was able to make a remarkable price rise that culminates to about 36,000% from its initial price. According to developers, Ripple is built to facilitate fast, and secure transactions effected at the lowest fees, irrespective of the transaction size. The token can be referred to as that which aids easy transactions between persons located in different countries, far away from themselves.
In a bid to carry out its purposed mandate, the Ripple company has entered agreements with international money transfer agencies, who are looking at the best possible way to implement the protocol’s operation methods for international payment transfers. Ripple aims at connecting several known payment methods together while adding the decentralized technology input that could positively reposition it. The cryptocurrency network doesn’t seem to focus on the sole use of virtual currencies, but on an integration roadmap that would make the use of fiat currencies like the USD, Euro, Yen etcetera, become sufficiently equipped with the fundamental benefit-providing traits of cryptocurrencies.
Although there has been some little controversy on the objectives of the Ripple crypto, it has not failed to gain popular support, attention, and preference