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Ethereum (ETH)

• Ethereum (Ticker symbol: ETH)
This is one of the most relevant cryptocurrencies, that has continued to maintain its significance on the blockchain circle. Ethereum is currently regarded as number two digital currency after bitcoin and has been marked by commendable progress over the years. It was basically proposed and developed as an improved alternative to bitcoin. Although not so perfect in itself, Ethereum can boast of such things as an improved technology which amounts to such things as an increased scalability ratio over bitcoin (and thus lesser block creation time), as well as more advanced transaction execution methods.
The token network prides itself as the pioneer and largest host of decentralized applications (dApps), that makes use of smart contracts. By this, Ethereum has created massive opportunities for several businesses to shift their operations to a more profitable and viable blockchain platform. Consequently, these businesses can harness the convenience of the company to client relationships, which are duly implemented via smart contracts. Smart contracts on Ethereum are primarily built using the network’s adopted solidity programming language.
Nowadays, most of the blockchain-mounted projects- especially those engaging in ICO crowdfunding, are largely built on the Ethereum network, while utilizing their individually created Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) token. Due to this largely recognized benefit at least, Ethereum is expected to stay on top of the markets. However, scalability is one plaguing issue befalling the network, and now there are newer platforms that are able to host smart contracts with better function features. For instance, smart contracts on such network as Vista and Stellar have shown to execute transactions at very high speeds, way higher than what is obtained on the pioneer smart contract platform. As germane as this is, this doesn’t seem to be any serious threat to its relevance though.