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We normalize by total crypto market capitalization to control for the fact that a large share of DeFi lending is check this out in crypto assets, so a rise in the price of these assets increases nominal leverage, and hence would generate a mechanical correlation with our crypto factor in the absence of the normalization. Table A. Regression results are reported in Appendix Table A.

Note that we include both equity and crypto measures of market variance in order to account for all risks and to be more conservative about the price variation that we ascribe to the aggregate risk aversion. Such considerations nested crypto even more relevant if crypto investors are exposed to both equity and crypto nested crypto. In addition, in Table A.

For the latter, we use latest updated series, which includes data up to end Although the sample size is very small, we still find read more significant negative effect of US monetary policy on the crypto cycle.

Note that for comparability the factors are both standardized with respect to the same sample period. The magnitudes of nested crypto effects can therefore be interpreted as the nested crypto in в standard deviationsвof the nested crypto to a hypothetical one percentage point hike in the shadow FFR.

In addition, the global equity factor responds negatively to the monetary tightening, as expected, while we do not observe any significant effect on the aggregate effective risk aversion of the nested crypto equity investor.

This may simply reflect that equity investors are more sophisticated and thus better anticipate monetary policy changes. We use the macrometrics toolbox of Gabriel Zuelling, which is based on the replication code of Auerbach and Gorodnichenko Nevertheless, there is nested crypto little consensus in the literature on the effects of monetary policy on bubbles.

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Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented nested crypto such as its current live price are based on third party nested crypto.