Groundbreaking communication platform using blockchain and ARWith many ICOs springing up now and then in the crypto industry, Arround is set to give other ICOs a run for their money...

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Groundbreaking communication platform using blockchain and AR

With many ICOs springing up now and then in the crypto industry, Arround is set to give other ICOs a run for their money and that’s all thanks to their excellent framework that is set to push augmented reality to the next level. As a decentralized augmented reality platform that is powered by blockchain technology, Arround is striving to build an ecosystem that integrates four unique elements. This framework that has been hailed by many crypto commenters include:

1.     A disruptive universal advertising network

2.     An augmented reality marketplace

3.     A social platform, and

4.     The next generation AR map that will create a framework for AR projects around the globe

With Augmented reality becoming very popular by the day, ARROUND strives to offer a fully functional AR social platform that works both on Android and iOS. Amazingly, around looks to extend this project into consumer smart glasses. If you’re a lover of augmented reality, there is no way you wouldn’t be thrilled with what Arround is bringing into the augmented reality community. With Arround, organizations and advertisers now have a smart way to reach millions of users who will adopt this technology in no distant time. With AR developers having very limited opportunity to reach their target markets, Arround through blockchain technology brings something new to the table as AR developers using this platform can now develop new products and services that will not just contribute in developing the Arround social network, but also leads to massive adoption.


Like many digital assets, the Arround blockchain framework comes to life using the ARR token that is the official unit of exchange within the ARROUND platform. And while this token may be priced in fiat, all transactions on the ARR platform will be conducted using the ARR tokens.

This tokens which are backed by fiat value are used on the Arroundplatform to either purchase or digital leaseitems from developers and other connected parties. With this tokens, users can easily carry out any marketing campaign of their choice on the Arround platform. More interestingly, the system motivates users with ARR tokens for viewing marketing and advertising campaigns. That’s not all, the Around system offers users so much as it allows users to map their environment leading to the creation of a full-fledged augmented reality network. And by using this augmented reality backbone, support can now be provided to third parties through payment in ARR tokens.


What are the unique features of Arround?

Without a doubt, ARROUND is striving to build the first of its kind AR blockchain platform that features four uniquely integrated elements. According to the company, using this four elements which include a disruptive universal advertising network, an augmented reality marketplace, a social platform, and the next generation AR map, will enable the company to createa never before seen backbone for AR projects around the world. Here, check out some of the standout features of Arround that has so far sent the crypto community into a frenzy of excitement.

·         Arround boast of establishing strategic partnerships with global brands.

·         Using the ARR token, users can lease or purchase products and services to run a high converting marketing and advertising campaign.

·         Arround will strategically boost the growing AR market

·         Arround will enable the development of user-friendly iOS and Android apps that will make participating in AR projects a stroll in the park

·         Develops innovative and comprehensive product and services that produce a dramatic result

·         Puts together a highly experienced team with a proven track record of success.

Why is ARROUND different from other blockchain projects?

The reality is, when you look at the crypto community, there are lots of projects that seem deliver the same products or services, but guess what, ARROUND is striving to do something very few people have imagined. As a project that tries to be unique in a number of ways, Arround offers users an advanced communication platform that is powered by blockchain technology, that’s not all, the project also strives to deliver to users an impeccable digital world where advertisers can run their campaigns alongside AR developers looking to reach millions of users. As a matter of fact, every aspect of this AR and blockchain powered platform will deliver to users the next generation of augmented reality experience they can only imagine.


What is the standout feature of this project?

There are lots of exciting reasons why ARROUND has been hailed as the next generation of AR powered blockchain project. And if you look at the advertising solution it offers users, you wouldn’t agree any less. This project brings users, advertisers and developers under one platform for the very first time. The interesting thing about Arround is that it gives both online merchants and offline merchants a digital marketing experience that is one of a kind.


·        Quite an ambitious project that will invariably change the current phase of AR

·        Puts together a highly experienced team that has what it takes to deliver

·        Will deliver digital advertising campaigns that will produce dramatic results

·        Brings consumers, advertisers and AR developers under one platform


·        While the project looks practical, delivery may prove a huge challenge

In a nutshell

Arround is one augmented reality powered blockchain project that aims to deliver to users a groundbreakingcommunication platform that brings users, advertisers and developers of augmented reality under one platform. And using the ARR token, users can purchase or lease products and services that can be used to run a high converting digital marketing campaign.

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Published 7 months ago


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